Aanika Pharma ensures the best technology, machinery and advanced methods for manufacturing of world-class pharmaceutical products. Our state-of-art manufacturing facilities make us the leading contract manufacturing pharmaceutical company in India and enable us to provide the best in class as well as in standards medicines to patients all across the country.

Our manufacturing unit is focused to produce the highly effective and quality medicine which includes specialty, OTC, general and several other product categories. Aanika Pharma produces the drug dosage in the form of tablets, capsules, injectables, ointments, creams and liquids etc by using high-quality raw materials.

Being an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company we are dedicated to producing API’s which lead to effective dosage for our patients. We have the team of experts who are well experienced in their niche. Apart from this, they are versed in regulatory policies and produce the medicines which meet all the quality parameters.

The regulatory authorities regularly conduct the stringent audit in our manufacturing unit. Aanika Pharma is certified by ISO, WHO & GMP. Our sterile manufacturing facility is capable of carrying out large-scale production.

Our Infrastructure unit at Aanika Pharma

Being a leading Contract manufacturing company, we have set up a huge infrastructure facility at our premises. Our infrastructure is well-equipped with the high-tech machicutting-edgeting edge technology. For any Pharma Manufacturing company, a sophisticated infrastructure is very important. So while keeping in mind about the importance of the high tech infrastructure facility, we have set up manufacturing unit that is capable to deliver the maximum productivity in minimum time frame.

Our infrastructure is spread over a wide piece of land. All the machineries are GMP and WHO verified that helps us to deliver the quality drug range. We prepared our drug range as per the given specification of our customers. Our company makes use of the rich resources and pure chemical extracts for the quality production of drugs. It is working as the backbone of our company. All our drugs are prepared in an excise free zone so that our customers don’t need to pay any extra amount or tax. Along with this, our infrastructure is well-supervised by the talented team of experts, who are familiar with the production of all type of drug range.

Contract Manufacturing Company Divisions

We have divided the entire manufacturing work into many divisions so that we can bring the quality in our work. Here is the list of our division in which, we have thoroughly divided our business operation to bring out the quality output.

  • Manufacturing Division-the This division of the company is responsible to look after the manufacturing tasks. They are entitled to find out whether what type of raw material has been using for the manufacturing of drugs, how much is a particular drug is taking to be manufactured, smooth going of the fixed machinery and equipment etc.
  • Quality Division- Once the infrastructure task takes place carefully. It’s time to send all the drugs to the quality division. In this division, all the drugs are thoroughly examined and tested on various quality parameters in order to ensure its reliability, accurate composition, purity, effective. We believe if we can deliver the maximum quality in our drugs, we are capable to gain the maximum customer’s satisfaction.
  • Packaging Division- We also have a packaging division in our company, which is responsible to thoroughly packs all the drugs range to ensure its leakage and breakage free delivery. All the staff member in this department are experienced in applying the best techniques and methods for the quality packaging of all the drugs.
  • Distribution Division- Another division of our company is distribution division. Along with the quality manufacturing of drugs, we also focus on the quality distribution of our drug range. We make sure that our customers would get the timely delivery from our end. For that, we are linked with the best logistics partner and distribution channels, who are capable to make the prompt delivery of a drug.

Quality Assurance at Aanika Pharma

Quality Assurance is a good practice that every Pharma manufacturing company should opt in their business. If there will be maximum quality assurance then we can earn the maximum client’s satisfaction. All the drugs that we prepared in our company thoroughly check on various quality department before sending to the final market.

All the employees who are working in our company are well-familiar with the priorities of our company and delivering maximum quality assurance is one of them. We check us every product on various quality parameters without giving the y cruel impact on the animal.

Customer Satisfaction

Since the starting, we are committed to delivering the maximum client’s satisfaction. For that, we make our every business transaction very transparent. Also, we ask for our customer’s requirements before working on their product range. All the communication source that we are using in our company are highly reliable and ensure the smooth interaction with our customers. It helps us to reach out our customer’s requirements, which helps them bring the desired result.

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