AANIKA PHARMA Marketing Pvt Ltd. has grown to become one of India’s most respected pharmaceutical companies. We are committed to delivering better health through superior products with a desire of providing opportunities for better life. We work very hard to bring the good quality focus of our custom. In addition to being the market leader in the antibiotics, it has a presence in very therapeutic segments such was antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, cardiovascular, antilipidemic, Antibes, muscle relaxant, immunosuppressant, antimalarial and anti-infective etc.

Through cost-effective manufacturing capabilities the company entered the high margin specialty generic formulation’s segment.

Our mission is to conduct research, develop new formulations and product innovations and successfully market them to cure diseases, ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life. We are engaged in manufactured products for the domestic and international market.

Well Recognized for Excellence

From every beginning, Aanika Pharma has always focused on improving the lives of patients by delivering medicines which everyone could afford. Our this purpose helped us to grow as an innovative and trusted name in Pharmaceutical Sector. We have working and business ethics which build us as the company that is widely admired by the pharma as well as health professionals. Our capabilities of pioneering changes in the industry make us a well-known make in the pharmaceutical sector.

With the motivation to develop and vision of growing, Aanika Pharma is making it’s significant among its peers. Over the years, by manufacturing effective and affordable medicines which are accepted in market Aanika Pharma have become the strong player in pharma manufacturing and Pharma PCD Franchise business in Indian landscape. Tthe quality of our products are our prime focus and we ensure this makes us one of the most reputed names. The excellence in the quality of our products makes us an ideal company for business.

Lines of Business at Aanika Pharma

Aanika Pharms provides the business opportunities to the pharma professionals from all across the country. The company is involved in these two main businesses which are:

PCD Pharma Franchise Aanika Pharma’s product portfolio contains the wide product range which is high in quality, innovative and affordable. We have products for each market base and our product category span over all the major categories in Industry. We are involved in PCD Pharma/Pharma Franchise business and have more than 500 associates all over India. We are towards promoting a healthy lifestyle and offer innovative solutions to health-related issues through our business venture.

Contract Manufacturing We are involved in the manufacturing of high-quality pharmaceutical products in several segments. Aanika Pharma offers the high-quality range of medicine at the best price and with superior quality. Aanika pharma has successfully met the compliance requirements for regulatory agencies worldwide. We are trusted by our business partners.

Join us in the journey of success by being our business partner.

Business Ethics at Aanika Pharma

Our business ethics consist of three primary things which are:

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Passion

Aanika Pharma is committed to meet the highest ethical standards and to provide quality pharmaceutical products along with successful business opportunity. Innovation is our answers to medical challenges to provide patients with quality products we meet our ethical values and working keeping them in mind. The company strives for the high performance with the higher integrity with the help of dedicated staff, experts and employees who are passionate towards their work.

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