14 of the Best Performing Stocks in 2018

It also provides payment solutions for consumers and businesses and works with banks and other credit card issuers to launch new cards. From its headquarters in San Francisco, Visa supports customers in over 200 countries and territories. But the present 40-times forward earnings multiple seems to overstate the company’s realistic growth prospects. As such, a correction in CMG stock in the back half of 2018 is likely. The asset management stocks on this list generated between 94% and 117% in total returns, as a combination of factors worked in their favor.

  • TMUS’ clever marketing and aggressive price/feature offerings have driven meaningful share gains against larger rivals.
  • Continued flattening of the yield curve would be a risk to the investment thesis, although less so than for traditional banking institutions.
  • When most people hear the term “financial sector,” they think of banks.
  • Citigroup has earned its position as one of the best bank stocks to buy for 2018.
  • Financials may be my favorite sector for 2018; Regions Financial (RF) , my top pick for aggressive investors, is a large regional bank located in the Southeast.

The company’s client-focused, long-term operating initiatives continue to drive double-digit growth in assets. As a result, SCHW is taking market share from smaller competitors and recently reported its ninth straight quarter of record net revenues. Rising interest rates should improve net interest margins, and a strong economy should spur loan demand. Regions Financial boosts its total-return prospects via a dividend yield of 2.1%. The stock has done well in recent months but still trades at half the price it sported in 2006, before the financial crisis.

Forbes’ readers have likely started to learn more about exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are gradually replacing mutual funds for many investors (see How To Build An ETF Portfolio for more). STT is one of the biggest players in that field with nearly $1 billion in assets and offering more than 130 ETFs, and is a leading operator in investment administration and custody for investment managers. That segment of the economy appears to have more visibility than what appears to be an increasingly stressed consumer banking market, making STT an alternative to traditional bank stocks. Its dividend yield of 3.4% and reasonable valuation of under 9.8 times trailing 12-month earnings, in addition to the stock’s 13% decline this year, make STT a value stock consideration. Of the four stocks mentioned in this, Navient is the one that stands out as a potential winner among the public companies that devote a significant portion of its business to education loans.

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Our view is supported by strong CressCap grades across our core 5-factor criteria and the stock ranks in our top decile of IT firms. MSFT has remarkably transformed itself from the dominant PC OS provider to the emerging leader of cloud-based solutions. Office365 accelerated the growth of Azure, adding a billion users to MSFT’s paying cloud customers in just a few short years. CressCap’s top ratings for profitability and robust EPS revisions are likely supported by MSFT’s innovative development initiatives.

  • But few actually manufacture the chips, which is where Tower comes in.
  • The result on Essent’s bottom line has been an outstanding three-year earnings per share growth rate of 47%.
  • Yes, I was surprised in that the one leading the charge wasn’t one of the banks that benefited from deregulation.
  • TMUS is a play on the movement from pay-per-unit data plans to unlimited plans from cell phone carriers that even the Fed has noted as a significant economic trend.
  • Headquartered in Israel and with factories in Israel, the U.S. and Japan, Tower fabricates semiconductors.

Rising interest rates have introduced significant stress into the banking system. Think the U.S. stock market will gain another 20%-plus in 2018? With stocks richly priced, the bull market nearly nine years old, and the Federal Reserve likely to raise interest rates three times in 2018, expect much lower returns.

Investing in Financial Stocks

The company’s successful marketing strategy and the positive reports on the company’s financials show the potential this company has to continue to grow in 2018. The first year of the Trump administration was great for the financial sector, which rose about 20 percent in 2017 alone. Despite a slower start to 2018, the rally looks poised to resume as the effects of a rising rate environment, deregulation and tax cuts begin to meaningfully improve profitability. Those three factors, once in motion, can’t be stopped overnight. With these meaningful long-term tailwinds in play, financials can continue to outperform other sectors.

While it’s risky to predict in a short period of time, there are plenty of positives, including the aforementioned healthy economy and low unemployment, along with low interest rates. If those things continue to be true, it’s likely to be another great year. When they returned to profitability, they were required to begin paying the U.S. Treasury a dividend to “repay” the money that kept them afloat. As you can see, 2019 was a great year for companies in the asset management business, which took six of the top 10 spots.

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All told, the conglomerate deals in commercial banking, personal banking, investment banking as well as treasury operations. And beyond any one portfolio company or line of business, Berkshire is the corporate incarnation of Warren Buffett, who is without question the most famous living cmc markets review investor. Buffet bought Berkshire when it was a struggling textile manufacturer in 1964. Since that time, Buffett has built it into one of the largest and the most unusual companies in the United States. Our editors are committed to bringing you unbiased ratings and information.

CME Group is the world’s largest operator of derivatives exchanges and has a strong moat, or competitive advantage, due to its dominant position. The company acts as a clearinghouse for all trades on its exchanges and earns clearing fees in return for guaranteeing these contracts will be honored. It’s easy to forget that PayPal’s plastic-based frenemy, Mastercard (MA), is technically classified as an IT company. “They have built a really defensible business that benefits from those secular trends,” he says. Across the pond, Dunn also owns Wirecard, a German payment processor that facilitates online transactions for global airlines and retailers such as Ikea. In recent years, Wirecard’s business has steadily expanded geographically, and Dunn expects it will soon go truly global.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, commonly referred to as ICBC, is China’s largest bank and the largest financial company outside of the United States. From its headquarters in Beijing, ICBC provides banking services to both individuals and companies, with 680 million individual banking clients and 8.6 million corporate clients. It has won awards from publications like Forbes, Fortune and The Banker for being alpari review one of the best banks in the world. HCA Healthcare operates acute care hospitals and surgical services, providing healthcare services for a wide variety of patients at its 179 hospitals and 120 freestanding surgical centers. And, based on its earnings and stock performance in 2018, it’s been doing a bang-up job at it, adding over 60 percent to its market value since the start of the year as admissions continue to rise.

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They also get assets under management fees for their proprietary investment products. Morningstar’s biggest revenue driver has been the licensed-based portion of their business, meaning that their data-based products and subscription products are review adventure capitalist: the ultimate road trip selling much better this year than they were a year ago. Their licensed-based revenue is up more than 10% year over year. Independent of the path of interest rates, Schwab offers organic growth prospects that are unparalleled by its peers.

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Still, looking at past performance can be a key part of building a successful strategy for the future. And with that in mind, here’s a look at the top-performing stocks from the S&P 500 for this year. Perhaps digging into the top stocks of 2018 will help you pick the right ones for 2019.

Many factors can influence financial stock prices in the near term, and many of those factors — such as weak economic conditions or falling interest rates — have little to do with the strength of the business itself. If you have an investment time horizon of five years or more, then adding some of the best financial sector stocks to your portfolio is likely a wise choice. They get licensed-based revenue from pretty much everything that you just mentioned — their mutual fund rating system, all their research, the data that they produce.

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